Project Synopsis with PDF Sample of E-Library System

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Guidelines for preparing Project Synopsis

Project Synopsis with PDF Sample of E-Library System
Project Synopsis with PDF Sample of E-Library System

Arrangement of the contents of the synopsis:

The sequence in which the project synopsis contents should be arranged is as follows:

1. Cover Page (Title Page)

2. Table of Contents

3. Introduction

4. Objectives & Goals of Project

5. Hardware and Software Requirements (Development Side)

6. Hardware and Software Requirements (Client Side)

7. References

Page Dimensions, Margins, and Quality

  • The page dimensions of the project synopsis should be 290mm x 205mm. Standard A4 size (297mm x 210mm) paper may be used for preparing the synopsis. It should have the following page margins:
Top edge:    30 to 35 mm
Bottom edge:    25 to 30mm
Left side:    35 to 40mm
Right side:    20 to 25 mm
  • The synopsis should be prepared on good quality white paper preferably not lower than 60 gsm.
  • Tables and figures should conform to the margin specifications. Large-size figures should be photographically or otherwise reduced to the appropriate size before insertion.

Typing Instructions:

1. General

  • A sub-heading at the bottom of a page must have at least two full lines below it or else it should be carried over to the next page.
  • The last word of any page should not be split using a hyphen.
  • Single spacing should be used for typing the general text. The general text shall be typed in font Style Times New Roman and Font Size 12 with single spacing.

2. Headings, Sub-Headings, and Paragraphs

  • The format for typing headings and subheadings is explained through the following illustrative examples.
Headings: 1. MAIN HEADING
Sub Headings: 1.2 Sub Heading
  • The headings or sub-headings preceded by their numberings should be left-justified. The typed material should appear after one line spacing below the heading or sub-headings. The text can be divided into paragraphs within a section or sub-section. Each paragraph should commerce 2 spaces below the last line of the preceding paragraph, the first letter in the paragraph being indented from the left-hand margin by 20mm.

3. Listing of References:

The listing of references should be typed in alphabetical order the URL in single spacing starting 3 spaces below the heading REFERENCES in Times New Roman with font size 14 bold. For typing the references, Times New Roman with font size 11 is recommended. Example:

1. [accessed 01 August 2018]

4. Page Numbering:

The Title page, however, will be treated numbered as (i) but this will not be typed. The Table of the Content page will be numbered as (ii). The page immediately following the Table of the Content page shall be numbered (1, 2, 3, 4…) and it should appear at the bottom center of the page, and so on. All page numbers (whether Roman or Arabic) should be typed without punctuation in the center of pages 20mm above the bottom.

Download Project Synopsis Format PDF – Click here

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