Proposal Writing: Format, Editable Templates

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Fun Fact:

We all are very familiar with the word ‘propose’ mostly used by adults in reference to propose a girl to become their partner/girlfriend. Besides this, the actual fact about proposal writing is discussed below-

Proposal Writing: Format, Editable Templates
Proposal Writing: Format, Editable Templates


The proposal is derived from the word “propose” which means “to put forward”, and “to suggest”. It is a form of a business letter or a formal report written to draw the public’s attention to any issue.

A proposal is an act of proposing or anything proposed. In simple, we can say that(concerned with business)- 

“Proposal is nothing but a way to sell one’s ideas”


The main objective of writing a proposal is persuasion. It is the first step towards a new business. The aim of a proposal is to bring new benefits to the organization and it may be used within as well as outside the organization.


A formal proposal contains the following important points-

1. Title Page:

It contains the title of the proposal, the name of the person or the organization to whom the proposal is being submitted, and the name of the proposal writer.

2. Table of Contents:

It provides the readers with an overall view of the proposal.

3. List of figures:

It includes a list of tables, graphs, figures, and charts used in the proposal.

4. Abstract/Summary:

It highlights the major points of the proposal.

5. Introduction:

It gives the background, states the purpose, and discusses the scope.

6. Statement of the Problem:

It contains an accurate description of the problem.

Proposed plan and activities:

1. Recommendations:

It discusses the ways to solve the problem.

2. Conclusion:

It presents the final summary of the proposal.

*Above mentioned points are optional and depend upon the type of proposal.

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