How to make a timetable using HTML

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Time-Table is one of the basic requirements of an individual, institution, school, college, organization, or other firms. Anyone can create a timetable by knowing the basics of HTML.

How to make a timetable using HTML 
How to make a timetable using HTML 

Steps to create a timetable:

1. Create a <html> tag.

2. Create a table using <table></table> tags.

3. Create rows and columns using <tr> & <td> tags respectively within the <table> tag.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<body><!–TimeTable using HTML codes by Bobby–>
<table border=”3px” cellspacing=”5px” cellpadding=”10px”>
<tr><th colspan=”6″><pre> BobTekZone Sec:A W.E.F.:03/05/2021</pre></th>
<!–<pre> tag used for writing the content same as in codes without any changes–></tr>
<th>1st Period 09:00-10:00am</th>
<th>2nd Period 10:00-11:00am</th>
<th>Break 11:00-11:30am</th>
<!–<td></td> & <th></th> both used for column, <th></th> is a table header –>
<th>3rd Period 11:30am-12:30pm</th>
<th>4th Period 12:30-01:30pm</th></tr>
<td rowspan=”6″><center>B<br>R<br>E<br>A<br>K<br></center></td>

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