Interview Experience Hanu 2023 (Role: Cloud Engineer)

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Interview Experience: Hanu Insight (2023 batch)

Interview Experience: In this article, I am going to discuss my personal interview experience with Hanu – An Insight Company on-campus hiring 2023 batch for the Cloud Engineer (PaaS, IaaS).

About Hanu Insight:

As I searched about the company, I found that Hanu is a Microsoft preferred cloud partner and a tier-1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) that provides Software Development and Business Process outsourcing services.

Selection Process:

There were a total of five rounds (each round is an elimination round) in the Hanu hiring process when it came to my college for recruitment in August 2022. About 700 students participated in this campus hiring out of which only 20 students got the final offer letter.

Here, the detailed selection rounds are mentioned:

1. Pre-Placement Talk

2. Online Assessment

3. HR Interview

4. TR Interview

5. MR Interview

1. Pre-Placement Talk:

It is an hour presentation in which you are going to know about the company, the hiring process, and CTC, and you can also ask at the end if you have any queries regarding the company or your doubts.

2. Online Assessment:

After the pre-placement talk, you will get an email with the details and login credentials for your online assessment which is compulsory for everyone to appear for this assessment and take it seriously because all rounds mentioned in the selection process are elimination rounds except the pre-placement talk. The online assessment will be on the Mettl Platform. The assessment is divided into 10-11 sections(as I remembered) like-

  • Aptitude Section
  • Technical Section (MCQs & Pseudocode)
  • Hands-on Programming (2 Problems)

As it is an elimination round you have to clear the cut-off of each section. Only 65 students were shortlisted for the next round including me.

3. HR Interview:

You have to appear for an HR interview if you are shortlisted. The HR interview is 10-15 minutes long.

The following are the questions that were asked by the Interviewer:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What are your interest areas in technology?
  • What do you know about Cloud Computing?
  • Why do you want to become Cloud Engineer?
  • What do you know about Hanu?
  • Why do you want to join Hanu?
  • I am done with your interview. Do you have any questions for me?

It is also an elimination round. Out of 65, only 34 were shortlisted for the next round including me.

4. TR Interview:

If you are shortlisted for this round you have to appear for the technical interview. This round is 30-45 minutes long. As it is also an elimination round, you have to prepare well and clear all your basic technical concepts with your mini/major project technologies to give your best to get shortlisted for the next round. My interviewer was so calm and supportive of me and not only me, but he also turn his webcam on during the interview.

The following are some questions that were asked by the Interviewer:

  • Introduce yourself by focusing on your technical aspect. A little discussion about what I mentioned in my introduction.
  • Tell me about the projects that you worked on and the main technologies used in that particular project.
  • Based on my project there were 6-7 questions asked by the interviewer related to the technology used in the project.
  • Some questions were asked on the theoretical concepts of DBMS.
  • Asked me to write a query using having and group by clause. 
  • A few questions from DSA
  • That’s all from my side(the interviewer said). Do you have any questions for me?

Once again, I was shortlisted for the next and last interview round.

5. MR Interview:

This is the last and one of the most important interview round. It is also an elimination round like the previous rounds. It is one of the easiest rounds and is of only 5-10 minutes(we can say- rapid fire round…hahaha). The interview was taken by the Manager of the company. Unfortunately, I was rejected in this round but I can say I just learned a lot during the whole selection process of Hanu.

The following are some questions that were asked by the Interviewer:

  • How are you Sudhanshu?
  • Tell me about your daily routine.
  • Your native place and how far it is from Prayagraj?
  • On which job profile do you want to work if got selected?
  • Why did you choose PaaS?
  • Are you ready to relocate?
  • Are you ready to accept the service agreement?

That’s all about my interview with Hanu- An Insight Company.


Not selected, but I can say I just learned a lot during the whole selection process of Hanu.

I hope this article will help you in your placement drives with Hanu.

Best wishes from Questlogy & team…

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